Ficus benghalensis 'Audrey'


We have a ficus Audrey and recently the leafs are starting to get black and white marks on them and dropping from the tree. Last winter we did not experience this problem and the pot of the plant does have holes to avoid overwatering.

Do you know what may cause this issue and how we can treat / fix this?

Attached you find some pictures of the leaves and soil.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Thank you.  




  • Hey there,

    Thank you for the pictures and your question!

    Looks like your plant is suffering a little bit due to dryness. This can be caused by dry soil or dry air. Most plants we keep in our homes are relying on us to provide them with the right kind of climate they need to thrive. Poor lighting and improper watering are the most common causes to why plants are not feeling too well. The third most common cause is poor air humidity. Humidity is something you might not usually think about, but when your plants start getting brown leaves and dry edges it could be a sign that your indoor air is too dry for the plant. To fix this, you can shower your plants from time to time. Especially during the winters when the heating is on. You could also try a humidifier or spray your plants with water every now and then. Just make sure not to spray them when the sun is shining, as water droplets on the leaves can burn them.

    I hope this helps your ficus Audrey feel better! 🌿
    Nadja Hortonomi

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