Bugs eating my plants

I'm sending you this message after one of your worker's advice.
I got these bugs (see attached photos) on some of my plants and I'm struggling to get rid of them.
I'm using the Neudorff treatment "tuhoeläinten torjuntaan" but It doesn't seem to do anything...
Your worker told me it would be the best treatment but that I could maybe get more help by asking here.
Do you know what these insects are? And how to get rid of them?
Thank you for your help



  • Hello Céline!

    Thank you for the pictures and the question. I can't tell with a 100% certainty what the bugs in the pictures are, I think it looks more like thrips than any other harmful bug commonly found in plants, but it also looks like it could be some kind of a harmless insect. I agree with my colleague, and Neudorff is one of the best sprays for thrips. The only thing to remember about the Neudorff spray is that you have to spray the bugs directly for it to have effect. So when new bugs hatch, you will have to spray the plant again.

    If you want to try neem, that's also a good solution. Mix:
    • One teaspoon of neem oil
    • Half a teaspoon of soap
    • One litre of water
    Hope this helps you, good luck! 🍀

    Nadja Hortonomi
  • Hello! 
    Thank you for your answer. 

    Yeah, I think it might be thrips, they caused a lot of damage on some of my plants. 
    Thank you for the tips, I'll keep using Neudorff treatment then. 
    Do you have any soap to recommend me for the Neel mix? 

    Thanks again for your help and your advice. 

  • You can pretty much use any soap that will help dissolving the oil into the water - dish soap or pine soap for example. Good luck! 🍀
    Nadja Hortonomi

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