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I have an east facing balcony that is glazed. When summer starts, it gets scorching hot in the balcony. I'm interested in growing some plants in pots. Which kinds of plants are suitable to grow in my balcony? I want to grow some flowers, herbs, and, if possible, some fruits too. Please let me know which ones would be suitable.


  • Hello Abeer!

    Thank you for your question. Growing plants on a hot balcony can be challenging in the summers. If you're home every day and can check on your plants, you can grow almost anything, but it gets trickier if you are away for the weekend or on a holiday.

    Plants that do okay even if you're away for a couple of days are:
    For herbs, I'd suggest rosemary and thyme.

    Another trick is using selfwatering pots or other self-watering systems. Don't forget that keeping a window open and providing some shade also helps.

    Hope this is helpful. Have a lovely day!
    Nadja Hortonomi
  • Thank you for your reply, Nadja. My question was actually about growing plants from seeds. So in that case which flowers would be suitable? Also, which fruits can I grow from seeds? For herbs, is it possible to grow mint and coriander too? Just to reiterate, my balcony is east-facing and very hot in summer. 😀
  • Hello Abeer!

    Thank you for your reply. From seed I'd recommend to grow flowers such as sunflower, tropaeolum and calendula.

    You can grow almost any fruittree from seed on the balcony, but with citruses and other mediterranean plants, you'll have to move them indoors during the winter. Apple can survive outdoors if you protect the planter and tree from the cold.

    You could also grow coriander on the balcony as long as you water them well. I'd suggest to look into different self-watering systems if you are away multiple days during hot summer days.

    Hope this answers your question! 🍀
    Nadja Hortonomi

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